It’s a Dog’s Life

The weather has finally cleared up in Tokyo. It’s been raining the past couple of days, making it hard to go sightseeing. Yesterday, my mom and I braved the weather to go see Tokyo Bay. We got a couple pictures of the ocean, although it’s hard to see the water through the rain.

While we were in that area, we went wandering through a little department store and saw Pet Land. Curious, we decided to see what was inside. Let me start by saying, I’m rather attached to my little dog. She’s quite pampered. But she is nowhere near as pampered as the dogs here. This store was not a pet store. This store was a clothing outlet for dogs. There were kimonos, dresses, t-shirts, shoes, sunglasses, hats… you name it. People could buy strollers for their dogs, and special handbags to carry their dogs in. One man pushed his dog, which was dressed as a princess, through the isles.

The store shouldn’t have surprised me as much as it did. All it takes is a quick stroll down the street to see dogs dressed in fancy outfits, carried in handbags. People will talk to their dogs, pointing out other dogs. We went to a cafe that even included a dog menu.

Besides Tokyo Bay and Pet Land, we’ve been out exploring Tokyo. It’s a very different experience trying to get around myself, without a tour. I’m slowly getting used to the subway system, which is completely overwhelming at first. Shinjuku station is like a city in and of itself. The subway fare charts are rarely in English, and it usually takes comparing a couple different maps to figure out the kanji reading for each stop so that I can determine which price of ticket that I need to buy. I wish I’d studied my kanji characters more than I did before I left Canada.

The food here is delicious. It doesn’t seem to matter what I order, it’s all good. I managed to convince my mom to try octopus sashimi (raw octopus), though I’m still working on getting her to an unagi (eel) restaurant. We went for sushi the other day for lunch at a little restaurant in the subway station, but before we leave Tokyo I’d like to go to one of the conveyor-belt sushi restaurants we’ve passed outside. According to my guidebook, sushi is a specialty of Tokyo in particular.

We’ve only got a couple more days in Tokyo before we move on to a much smaller city. It will be nice to escape the huge crowds and busy subway stations for a little while.

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  1. Conveyor belt sushi is So Fun!
    at least it was in Korea!

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